• Cottages for rent

    Rent cottages – is, first of all, convenient. In principle, rent a cottage for a day in fact no different from renting a hotel room, and a range of services provided for rental cottages for rent are also very pohozh. Prezhde all, is a service of the settlement. If you rent a cottage for rent, then, quite naturally, you get to live in it within one or a few days. At the same time and service for you will be the same as in a hotel or boarding house – who will lay a bed for you and tidy up the room. Naturally, this service includes also the food, and frequently practiced option, when, in addition to one-, two-or three meals a day in the cottage of the village you can eat, drink some tea or something more robust in the adjacent cafe, bar or a small restaurant… Thus, removing the cottages for rent, you can choose the version of supply that you are more comfortable and cute – or pay for each breakfast, lunch or dinner alone, or pay for meals in advance, so to speak, in bulk. In addition, you may be given in terms of power and ancillary services – first, if you shoot cottages for rent for any celebration, such as birthday celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, you can pre-order at a restaurant or cafe appropriate festive menu. Second, if you’re a fisherman or a hunter, the chef will cook your trophies well. Can you imagine anything more pleasant than an ear of fresh fish or roasted wild boar ham? But in these dishes do not try, even in the most expensive restaurant – it has just caught a fish or just extracted the meat is subjected to freezing, they are absolutely naturalnyKrome of renting cottages for rent, you can get a range of services that are not available in conventional hotel. First, it is certainly room. And not some questionable city room, tiled and heated by electricity, no, it is a real Russian bath, wood burning, with this lake, where you can dive, jumping out of steam.. Or if you prefer – a real Finnish sauna. Krome of renting cottages for rent, you get a wonderful opportunity to spend a day or two in nature, which in itself is great!



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